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By | June 5, 2019

Analysis “The Hindu Vocabulary” For All Competitive Exams

The Hindu Vocabulary

In this world of competitive exams, ‘Vocabulary’ takes a vital role in every exam. Several banking and Government exams like PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level exams, Other Exams etc. Free Job News Alert Team provides you 10 new words in The Hindu Vocabulary analysis on the daily basis which will benefit you not only in upcoming examinations but also to improve English writing skill. We have mentioned the important words with the meaning, synonyms and antonyms along with the example to give a clear concept about the words. We Know in English Part the vocabulary mostly comes from THE HINDU Newspapers in the competitive exams. Therefore it is very important to read and memories. You can give online test your vocabulary and evaluate your preparation of your respective exams.


Synonyms: filthy, soiled
Antonyms: clean, spotless
Example Sentence:
His white coat was grubby and stained.


Synonyms: fortified, unyielding
Antonyms: breakable, destructible
Example Sentence:
The old fort with its thick, high walls was virtually impregnable.

CONTEMPLATE (VERB): think about seriously:

Synonyms: consider, ponder
Antonyms: neglect, reject
Example Sentence:
Our busy schedule does not allow much time to contemplate about the pleasant surroundings.

CONSCIENTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): thorough, careful:

Synonyms: diligent, fastidious
Antonyms: careless, dishonest
Example Sentence:
The conscientious employees achieved the target.

ELATION (NOUN): extreme happiness:

Synonyms: bliss, ecstasy
Antonyms: sorrow, woe
Example Sentence:
His elation increased at the sight of the little girl he had saved.

GRAVELY (ADVERB): very much; desperately

Synonyms: deeply, seriously
Antonyms: lightly, calmly
Example Sentence:
She listened to her father gravely.

DIAPHANOUS (ADJECTIVE): light, airy, transparent:

Synonyms: flimsy, clear
Antonyms: opaque, thick
Example Sentence:
Sunlight poured in through the diaphanous curtains, brightening the room.


Synonyms: adulation, cajolery
Antonyms: criticism, condemnation
Example Sentence:
At first he used his arts of blandishment and honeyed words in order to lure his boss.

QUACKERY (NOUN): charlatanism:

Synonyms: trickery, deception
Antonyms: reality, frankness
Example Sentence:
The meanest and most contemptible kind of cheating is quackery.

AVENGE (VERB): retaliate:

Synonyms: vindicate, punish
Antonyms: cheer, forgive
Example Sentence:
Hamlet delayed avenging the murder of his father.

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