Analysis “The Hindu Vocabulary” For All Competitive Exams | 27-04-2019

By | June 5, 2019
Analysis “The Hindu Vocabulary” For All Competitive Exams | 27-04-2019

The hindu Vocabulary Analysis

1. ECSTASY (NOUN): joyful excitement:(उल्लास)

Synonyms: bliss, elation

Antonyms: misery, unhappiness

Example Sentence:

There is a choice, adventure and ecstasy associated with being engaged which is great.


2. EDIFICE (NOUN): A large, imposing building:(इमारत)

Synonyms: monument, skyscraper

Antonyms: hut, chalet

Example Sentence:

So the clarification comes and the whole edifice crumbles.


3. EFFEMINATE (ADJECTIVE): exhibiting female qualities:(नारी जैसा)

Synonyms: feminine, womanish

Antonym: masculine, manly

John spends the remainder of the film eating on cigars with an effeminate scientist.


4. ELUDE (VERB): Escape from or avoid typically in a skilful or cunning way:(टाल जाना)

Synonyms: dodge, escape

Antonyms: encounter, confront

Example Sentence:

She looked up the slope behind him, confident to have eluded his opponent, not having left a single path in the snow.


5. ENDEAVOR (NOUN): an attempt with a lot of effort:(कोशिि)

Synonyms: venture, undertaking

Antonyms: passivity, inactivity

Example Sentence:

They should also endeavor not to let safety preparations set the tone for discussion

6. ENTOURAGE (NOUN): group of attendants:(पररचारक गण) Synonyms: servant, retinue

Antonym: leader, head

Example Sentence:

The queen was accompanied to the ritual by her large entourage that escorts her wherever she goes

7. EPICUREAN (ADJECTIVE): loving food and comfort:(भोगवादी)

Synonyms: gluttonous, libertine

Antonyms: chaste, puritanical

Example Sentence:

Punish is a big time gourmet with epicurean habits who spends millions in clubs.

8. EQUIVOCAL (ADJECTIVE): unclear:(अननश्चचत)

Synonyms: doubtful, uncertain

Antonyms: certain, definite

Example Sentence:  The movie had an equivocal ending.

9. EVANESCE (VERB): Pass out of sight, memory, or existence.:(लुप्त हो जाना)

Synonyms: dissipate, fade away

Antonyms: appear, emerge

Example sentence:

It was normal, therefore, that Indian dependability could not be allowed to evanesce.

10. EXECRABLE (ADJECTIVE): extremely bad or unpleasant:(निनौना)

Synonyms: horrible, sickening

Antonyms: pleasant, nice

Example Sentence:

This week only I’ve come through four sensationally good bottles which show up the execrable wines for what they are.

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