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By | June 5, 2019

Analysis “The Hindu Vocabulary” For All Competitive Exams

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  1. TRAVAIL (VERB): to work hard or with a great deal of effort:

Synonyms: struggle, labor

Antonyms: lethargy, laziness

Example Sentence:

Today I’m just very grateful that such things subsist and can be called upon in times of travail.

  1. PERTURB (VERB): to distress a person:

Synonyms: annoy, irritate

Antonyms: comfort, assist

Example Sentence:

I think it’s her sleeve that perturbs me mainly, sideways from the fact that the complete dress bores me fiercely.

  1. PARABLE (NOUN): a short tale that delivers a message:

Synonyms: fable, tale

Antonym: non-fiction, reality

Example Sentence:

Jesus Christ occasionally used the buff in parables.

  1. OSTRACIZE (VERB): leave out someone:

Synonyms: banish, exile

Antonyms: accept, include

Example Sentence:

It was almost not possible for them to chew over escaping to a society that would only ostracise them and slam them as sinners.

  1. LANGUID (ADJECTIVE): very slow and relaxed:

Synonyms: lazy, leisurely

Antonyms: energetic, hurried

Example Sentence:

Even if I had not been capable to spot Gerald in the mass of gentlemen, his languid elegance on the ballroom floor exposed his identity.

  1. JIBE (VERB): to agree:

Synonyms: harmonize, conform

Antonym: differ, disagree

Example Sentence:

It’s not like you have to divide the office space with someone who’s views don’t jibe with yours, so what’s the end?

  1. HURTLE (VERB): move at a rapid pace in a wild manner:

Synonyms: plunge, charge

Antonyms: retreat, retire

Example Sentence:

It had crossed the 5000 mark just a modest while ago and was hurtling on all cylinders towards the 6000 mark.

  1. HANKERING (NOUN): strong desire:

Synonyms: yearning, craving

Antonyms: dislike, hatred

Example Sentence:

Coming from a lengthy line of plumbers, his lifelong hankering for an acting livelihood had somehow never seemed a sensible option..

  1. UNDULATE (VERB): move with a soft wavelike movement:

Synonyms: wobble, oscillate

Antonyms: steady, stable

Example sentence:

Most fish swim by imaginatively undulating or oscillating their body and propulsive caudal fin.

  1. TORRID (ADJECTIVE): extremely sweltering and dry:

Synonyms: blazing, arid

Antonyms: cool, damp

Example Sentence:

Delightfully textured, affective and skin-friendly, it is nippy in torrid Indian summers and keeps one hot in winter.

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