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The Hindu Vocabulary Analysis For All Competitive Exams Bank, Railway, SSC, UPSCThe Hindu Vocabulary

The Hindu Vocabulary Analysis : In this world of competitive exams, ‘Vocabulary’ takes a vital role in every exam. Several banking and Government exams like PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level exams, Other Exams etc. Free Job News Alert Team provides you 10 new words in The Hindu Vocabulary analysis on the daily basis which will benefit you not only in upcoming examinations but also to improve English writing skill.

We have mentioned the important words with the meaning, synonyms and antonyms along with the example to give a clear concept about the words. We Know in English Part the vocabulary mostly comes from THE HINDU Newspapers in the competitive exams. Therefore it is very important to read and memories. You can give online test your vocabulary and evaluate your preparation of your respective exams.

1. ENGULF (VERB): (समा लेना): immerse 
Synonyms: swamp, submerge
Antonyms: drain, parch
Example Sentence:
I like to submerge my vegetables into a bowl of olive oil before eating them.
2. HEARTRENDING (ADJECTIVE): (प्रेरणादायक): arousing 
Synonyms: stimulating, inspiring
Antonyms: boring, monotonous
Example Sentence:
His act was heartrending.
3. NARCOTIZE (VERB): (बेहोश करना): anesthetize 
Synonyms: deaden, desensitize
Antonyms: enliven, revitalize
Example Sentence:
The doctor prescribed a medicine that merely narcotizes the patient.
4. STOOP (VERB): (दंडवत प्रणाम करना): kowtow 
Synonyms: bow, kneel
Antonyms: disrespect, disregard
Example Sentence:
I stoop before the omnipotent God.
5. BOTCH (NOUN): (भूल): err 
Synonyms: mistake, flub
Antonyms: correct, fix
Example Sentence:
I I admitted my botch.
6. BEFUDDLE (VERB): (व्याकुल होना): baffle 
Synonyms: puzzle, bewilder
Antonyms: orient, balance
Example Sentence:
Prashant is befuddled about Riya’s question.
7. STICKLER (NOUN): (पूर्णतावादी): perfectionist 
Synonyms: disciplinarian, pedant
Antonyms: beginner, trainee
Example Sentence:
Amir Khan is an stickler.
8. STUN (VERB): (चकित करना): astonish 
Synonyms: astound, surprise
Antonyms: calm, compose
Example Sentence:
Michelle was stunned over his performance.
9. SAVAGE (ADJECTIVE): (निष्ठुर): brutal 
Synonyms: callous, barbarous
Antonyms: compassionate, gentle
Example Sentence:
He was alleged for a brutal murder.
10. ADAMANT (ADJECTIVE): (हठी): unyielding 
Synonyms: insistent, intransigent
Antonyms: flexible, irresolute
Example Sentence:
Aaryahi is an adamant kid.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary based questions is often asked in all Banking and All Government Exams. We have been providing you with a daily The Hindu Vocabulary to help you with overcoming your struggle in this section. The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary  will help you in upcoming SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO, NIACL AO, RBI Grade B, SEBI, NABARD, RRB JE, SSC CGL, RRB ALP, CWC, FCI, NTPC, SSC, UPSC, WBCS exams as well.

The Credit of of the “The Hindu Vocabulary” Goes to The Hindu Newspaper! Reading Daily The Hindu Editorial Will Improve Your Reading skill Along With Vocabulary

More The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Word list

1) CULMINATION  (Noun) = peak, ( पराकाष्ठा )
Synonyms = acme, climax
Antonyms = bottom, nadir

2) SKULDUGGERY  (Noun) = trickery, ( छल कपट )
Synonyms = deception, artifice.
Antonyms = honesty, good faith

3) INEVITABLE (Adj)  = unavoidable , ( अटल )
Synonyms = inescapable, necessary
Antonyms = avoidable, preventable

4) INTERVENE  (Verb ) = intercede, (  हस्तक्षेप करना  )
Synonyms = meddle,  intrude .
Antonyms = unite, leave

5) ABSENTEEISM (Noun) = absence, ( अनुपस्थिति )
Synonyms = truancy, desertion
Antonyms = attendance, attending

6) DESPERATION (Noun) = despair, ( निराशा  )
Synonyms = despondency , hopelessness.
Antonyms = peace, confidence

Learning English vocabulary is a basic and very important part of learning the English language. Learning a new vocabulary word means more than just understanding what the word means and enrich your word power. To really learn new English words, you must understand them and be able to use the words correctly when you speak or write.

You will probably learn English words faster when they are important to your daily life or come from a subject that interests you. A good way to learn English vocabulary is to see and hear many repetitions of the words within a topic or an interesting context like a story or a reading.

The hindu vocabulary 25-07-2019

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