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By | June 5, 2019

Analysis “The Hindu Vocabulary” For All Competitive Exams

The Hindu Vocabulary

APOGEE (NOUN): Climax: 

Synonyms: apex, capstone
Antonyms: anticlimax, base
Example Sentence:
As his reputation reached its apogee, he began to earn a great deal.

 SUBSUME (VERB): Incorporate: 

Synonyms: involve, contain
Antonyms: exclude, preclude
Example Sentence:
Your personality has subsumed beneath him.

 ENSHRINE (VERB): Consecrate:

Synonyms: preserve, revere
Antonyms: desecrate, defile
Example Sentence:
His message that is enshrined in the Gitika.

ALLY (NOUN): Associate: 

Synonyms: partner, colleague
Antonyms: enemy, opponent
Example Sentence:
The PM met his American ally.


Synonyms: deprecatory, derogatory
Antonyms: complimentary, praising
Example Sentence:
Preeti pejorative remark made Marry cry.

AMALGAM (NOUN): Mixture: 

Synonyms: compound, fusion
Antonyms: division, separation
Example Sentence:
It was the best amalgam of respect and sincerity.


Synonyms: alliance, confederacy
Antonyms: detachment, disconnection
Example Sentence:
Few politicians have formed a coalition.


Synonyms: instinctive, real
Antonyms: intricate, artificial
Example Sentence:
Divya is very upfront kind of girl.


Synonyms: stinging, amaroidal
Antonyms: delicious, savory
Example Sentence:
Those fries taste astringent.


Synonyms: chaotic, erratic
Antonyms: organized, systematic
Example Sentence:
Niraya has become thoroughly rambling.

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