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By | June 9, 2019

“The Hindu Vocabulary” Analysis For All Competitive Exams

The Hindu Vocabulary

The Hindu Vocabulary Analysis : In this world of competitive exams, ‘Vocabulary’ takes a vital role in every exam. Several banking and Government exams like PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level exams, Other Exams etc. Free Job News Alert Team provides you 10 new words in The Hindu Vocabulary analysis on the daily basis which will benefit you not only in upcoming examinations but also to improve English writing skill.

We have mentioned the important words with the meaning, synonyms and antonyms along with the example to give a clear concept about the words. We Know in English Part the vocabulary mostly comes from THE HINDU Newspapers in the competitive exams. Therefore it is very important to read and memories. You can give online test your vocabulary and evaluate your preparation of your respective exams.

BARB (NOUN): pointed comment:(कटाक्ष) 

Synonyms: criticism, insult
Antonyms: compliment, praise
Example Sentence:
Watch out for barbs as they can hurt you badly.

GROVEL (VERB): kowtow:(गिड़गिड़ाना) 

Synonyms: beseech, kneel
Antonyms: authorize, command
Example sentence:
They criticized leaders who grovelled for foreign patrons.

 PALLIATE (VERB): to reduce the severity:(न्यूनीकरण) 

Synonyms: abate, cover up
Antonyms: enlarge expose
Example sentence:
The doctor trusted that the new medication would palliate her patient’s discomfort.

 AMBIVALENCE (NOUN): the state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas:( उभयभाविता) 

Synonyms: doubt irresolution
Antonyms: sureness, decisiveness
Example sentence:
The judge’s ambivalence about the defendant’s guilt caused a delay in the penalty portion of the trial.

NEOPHYTE (NOUN): beginner:(नवदीक्षित) 

Synonyms: amateur, novice
Antonyms: professional, expert
Example Sentence:
Even the best player in the world was once a neophyte at the sport.

PRETENSION (NOUN): self- importance:(मिथ्याभिमान) 

Synonyms: snobbishness, pomposity
Antonyms: modesty, propriety
Example Sentence:
He is adored by millions because he lacks in pretension.

PITHY (VERB): to the point:(सारगर्भित) 

Synonyms: concise, brief
Antonyms: lengthy, verbose
Example Sentence:
In order to make it quick the teach gave pithy explanation for all the questions.

PERVASIVE (ADJECTIVE): which is all over the place. :(व्यापक) 

Synonyms: omnipresent, prevalent
Antonyms: deficient, scanty
Example Sentence:
Unemployment is a pervasive issue in India touching all the classes.

HERMETIC (ADJECTIVE): airtight:(हवा बंद) 

Synonyms: impervious, sealed
Antonyms: susceptible, penetrable
Example Sentence:
The cells were hermetic causing the prisoners to die of suffocation.

UTTERANCE (NOUN): revelation:(अभिव्यक्ति) 

Synonyms: pronouncement, declaration
Antonyms: concealment, secret
Example Sentence:
The news would bubble inside his gut till it finds utterance.

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